Our Daily Schedule

The Club opens at 8am, each day on arrival you must register; a desk for this purpose is available at the entrance to the club. Children are greeted by one of our friendly workers and shown where to put their coats and bags. For children visiting for the first time they will be paired up with a buddy for the day in order for them to feel welcomed.


Breakfast Time

Breakfast is served between 8 – 9am, with a choice of toast, cereal, fruit, yogurt, plus an additional item from the daily menu.


Play Time

The friendly and well-supervised club, ensure all new children feel welcomed by others by pairing them up with a buddy for the first day; this helps them to settle in very quickly.


The children are free to play or participate in a planned variety of activities, which include:

Imaginative, physical, and construction play.

Small groups to do story-telling, sewing and other crafts.

Workshops eg, art/crafts, cooking, sports and dance,

The club also provides outside play, all this adds up to a fun filled day.


On a day where the activities and workshops are club based children are given the choice to what they wish to participate in and their fun day begins.


On a day where the activities are club based we have three breaks: a mid morning snack, lunch which children need to bring (no glass bottles please), and afternoon tea.

Special dietary requirements can be accommodated so make sure you let us know on your registration forms (please see menu).


On a day out children have to be registered by 9am so we can ensure they get a full day of adventure. Safety is uppermost in our minds the following steps are taken at all times:


•  All staff are qualified and experienced play workers who are trained in street and travel  safety procedures


• We operate on a  ratio’s of staff to children in line with Ofsted requirement of 1 to 8


• Each child wears a bright SOC hat to identify them from a distance


• Before each journey children are reminded of our code of practice with regard to outings


• A first aid kit is taken on every trip and all staff are trained in first aid


At the end of the day parents collect children from the registration desk before 6.30pm, if we are on a day out we endeavour to return on time.  A late fine will be incurred for all children collected after 6.30pm.


Please Note:

The children have a fun filled and often energetic day, so it’s very important that parents include a minimum of two drinks in pack lunches especially when we are on day trips.  We request that drinks are not in cartons but in screw top plastic bottles (NO GLASS), as this allow children to take a drink as and when needed, rather than having to drink a whole carton at once.

Drink water is available to children all day when we are based at the Centre.




Pack lunch

Parents will need to supply a pack lunch each day. Please ensure that it’s in a suitable bag that can be carried by your child.

Don’t forget children need a well-balanced pack lunch as they need lots of energy to have a fun packed day.


We are sorry but due to the large number of children attending the club with nut allergies, we ask that parents do not include nuts or products containing nuts in children’s pack lunches.


Although we store lunches in a cool area we do not have refrigerators.  We suggest that you either send your child’s lunch in a cooler bag/box or place an ice block inside their lunch box.

We would not recommend using any dairy products for their pack lunch.



Tea Time

Teatime is a pleasant social time with children sitting down to enjoy a daily snack of i.e. chicken salad wraps, fish-fingers and chips or soup and roll. In additional to the menu item, children can also choice from cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, and yogurt.


Children receive a drink with their tea, and drinking water is available all day when children want an additional drink.


With four choices available each day children are sure to find something they want to eat. The menu is arranged for each holiday and includes ideas from the children.


Special dietary requirements can be accommodated so make sure you let us know on your registration form.

A copy of our menu is included with the programme.


At the end of the day

Parents collect children from the registration desk before 6.30pm, if we are on a day out we usual endeavour to return by 6pm.

A late fine is issued for collection after 6.30pm.

A copy of the late fine is included in the registration pack.