Terms and conditions


1. All bookings require half of the total fee as a deposit and the remaining balance is then paid on your first day of attendance. to guarantee your child’s place you must make a deposit for that week.


2. You must fill in a registration form for each child before they attend the club. we will not under any circumstance allow your child to attend the club without doing so.


3. Your child/children’s places will not be confirmed until payment is received.


4. If you cancel any bookings then we will not be able to return the deposit, which is half of the total fee for each week booked.


5. If you have made a full payment and decide to cancel your booking you must give 14 days notice. half of the total fee will be returned.


6. You cannot use your total deposit to pay a weeks fee, you must pay what you owe for that week on the first day of attendance.


7. If your child is sick we will transfer the deposit to the next holiday


8. If you do not return the booking form before 3pm on the specified date on the form you will be charged an on the door fee of £40 on your first day of attendance and any other day you decide to turn up without completing a booking form.